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Welcome to Rockfest Haugesund 2007 – friday 15 – Saturday 16 june!!

Band list:


Without a doubt the greatest pop band in the UK right now. We are very proud to welcome Keane here in Haugesund!!

King Midas

The kings will release their new album march 12, and has become one of Norway´s toughest live bands!! Click here to visit their website.

Bjørn Berge

Bjørn is coming home! Bjørn is a busy artist taking time out of his busy schedule to visit Haugesund! Don´t ask the man beside you where the rest of the band you can hear is.. Because its only Bjørn on the stage, AWESOME sound!!! Click here for his website.

General info about Rockfest Haugesund

Rockfest Haugesund is organized and administered by the Culture and Festival department in Haugesund.

Rockfest Haugesund is a festival that offers rhythmic music for everybody from 16 and up. The festivals goal is low prices, making it more attractive for the youth to participate. We emphasize the local artists, the festival program is also reinforced with 2-3 national/international artists.

Pogo Pops

After last year´s comeback, requests have been going through the roof if we could get them to Rockfest. Pogo Pops is a pop adventure from Bergen which was popular in the 90´s.

Blind Archery Club

5 guys from Oslo in their middle 20´s. We heard them at By-Larm last year, got blown away and figured that we had to get them to Rockfest. We are first in line this year, before they head on to the other festivals.. Website here.

Karpe Diem

Karpe Diem is an adventure, this adventure is well known for its live performance, and great humor and groovy sounds. Visit their website here.

Bo Kaspers Orkester

With their debut in the early 90´s they have since released 7 albums with a lot of well known hits. Bo Kaspers Orkester is one of scandinavia´s biggest bands with sold out concerts in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden! Click here for their website.

Kurt Nilsen

Kurt Nilsen the winner of World Idol 2004, where he beat the competition from 10 other nations and got top score from 10 out of 11 nations is coming to Rockfest!! Click here for more info about Kurt Nilsen.

The Cumshots

Kristopher Schau with his rock hard alibi, pure rock energy poured into the crowd. Something the festival manager of Rockfest himself has experienced at their concert in Kongsvinger 2001 where he snapped some rib bones during their concert ;o) Visit their website here.

Black Debbath

Black Debbath is their name, and their name pretty much sums up their agenda. Heavy 70´s hard rock combined with an equal amount of political engagement. Visit their website here.


hard Oslo band, unfortunately this is their farewell tour.. We are very proud to have them at Rockfest!! Visit their website here.

Local Artists

After great success on the charts and performance in London Odd Martin Skålnes is jamming in Grytå friday june 15.

Current winners of the Haugaland rock competition!

Winners of Karmøy rock championship, guaranteed headbangers ball!

Pedestrians of blue… Great hard rock from an until now unknown Haugesund band

New Zeppelin
The absolute coolest young band from Skåredalen!

More local artists are coming so check back for updates!

Festival Goals:

– Promote new local talents from different genres of music
– Create a meeting ground for rhytmic music
– Create activity in Haugesund
– Promotion of Haugesund and our region

The festivals target group

– People of all ages with interests in rock/rhytmic music


Offices are located in Festiviteten Haugesund.

Tom Erik Anfinsen – Festival manager
Helge Toft – booking manager

How to get to Haugesund:

You can fly direct to Haugesund with Ryanair from London Stansted, the flight takes about 90 minutes. Check for more information.




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